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Planet Made of Plastic

Leaders in 21st-Century Global Education

Global Consultation, Global Experiences, Global Media

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Our Mission

Global education for all

Our mission is to create a support network and bank of resources to develop and create a world-class, 21st-century global education that equips all students to engage in global community, economy, and marketplace.

What do we do?

Global Consultants

Global Experiences

Global Media

Cluster of Islands

Prepare students to engage in our global community, economy, and marketplace by equipping them with relevant cross-cultural and 21st-century skills.

Best support for getting started!  Now, I can see the possibilities.  You can start small, and then build up to different events.

- JM

I learned so much about the sustainable development goals and more - highly recommend.  We have a lot to learn about going global.

- AD

If you want to gain a wealth of knowledge about global education, opportunities for increasing global connections, and such, call GEE.

- YC

Globetrot & Polyglot

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